About Rowayda

Rowayda Lee Nixon / Interior designer

“A home should reflect the soul of the people that inhabit the space.”

Hello, I am Rowayda, the owner and designer at DesignLift Interiors. I have a passion for all things design, turning uplifting design concepts into inspiring living spaces.

Interior design has always been my passion. I was fortunate enough to be raised by a family of highly skilled artisans, and at the same time was exposed daily to the beautiful community of Woodstock artisans, now known as the “Design District”.

From a very young age, I would watch how my grandfather would beautifully decorate our home, always changing up the wallpaper, flooring, furniture and electrical fittings. Whenever a new decor item was acquired, I would hold it, smell it and feel the texture, it warmed my heart with thrill and excitement. This experience has set the tone for how I see the world around me, always with a sense of curiosity for design and the human element. 

I believe spaces should tell a story, reflect our loves, needs and passions, even obsessions. Why not! Our personal living space or workplace should reflect our personalities, allowing us to feel more at home. We should feel comfortable and inspired in our own space, a space that’s our safe haven, our sanctuary, and I’m passionate about making that sanctuary a reality! 

It was a very natural progression to venture into the world of interiors and make my mark by taking on commercial, hospitality and residential projects. My qualifications in Interior Design, Interior Decorating and Coaching is what has led me to establish my own brand.

Designlift Interiors was founded in 2016 with the purpose of redefining the way people live in the space they occupy. I pride myself on offering more than just design services, but also getting to the core of crafting holistic interiors for the soul to inhabit.

I’m inspired and influenced by the human factor and how we can optimally function within a space. My design style is an impassioned blend of contemporary, modern, and sophisticated, with an ample dash of texture, pattern, layers and personality! I focus on designs that serve a purpose, hereby adopting the principle of form follows function. This creates spaces that are practical but stylish, comfortable and easy to enjoy.

Working with me you can expect meticulous attention to detail, a personalised level of service and tailored design fees.